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I have been interested in taking photos since I was young. My first camera was given to me by my great uncle/aunts living on the farm next door. It was a Kodac Instamatic 50.

I had great fun with the camera for some years. After a few years at school we had photo as subjects, where we developed and printed our photos. At the time I had borrowed an SLR of my brother. 

After a few years without taking so many pictures I got an Olympus mju zoom camera. It served me well until around 2000, when it started to leak light on the film.  

My first digital camera was a: HP Photosmart camera (C5340A). Didn't use it too much before getting a series of HP Photosmart cameras, which sparked my interest for photo again. ( HP C612, 812, C935, R707, R717). 

One cold day after Christmas in 2005, I was trying to take a few pictures of the newly wed copule outside on the church steps. It didn't go too well. The camera was slowing down in the the cold weather and the couple didn't stay very long. The next day I bought my first Nikon camera. Nikon D50. I used it for a few years before upgrading to the new D300. From there I have had the D700, D800, D850 and now the D5.

Photography is a dearly loved hobby of mine. I spend quite some time taking Sport, Portrait, Landscape or Concert photos. 


I have a bachelors degree in cybernetics, but I have worked most of my time with computers. System administration, hardware engineer, and consultant. About 2002 I took a certification in Computer Security and 2005 I did the (ISC)2 CISSP certification.  Currently I work as a security advisor.

Photography is a good way to relax from the daily stress of life.

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