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Charleston, SC / Hickery, NC,day 10

Leaving early tomorrow. Starting out with a trip to the Magnolia plantation, then heading for Hickory, NC to prepare for a drive in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Magnolia plantations & gardens, Charlotte, SC Started out on the Magnolia plantation, where we spent about...

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Savanna, GA / Charleston, SC, day 9

Starting out the day by walking around in Savanna. Maybe even have lunch here. When it is too hot, we will head toward Charleston. Savannah, GA Another hot and humid day.... Walked around a bit in the City marked in the morning, but soon headed north to...

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Savanna, GA, day 8

Planning to drive to Savannah, GA, right after breakfast. Might stop a few places before that. At least on the visitor center. It is a two hour drive, so it will be nice to see something else than the road, with trees all around. Just like home.... Fort King George...

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Pensacola, FL, day 7

Today we will visit the National Naval Aviation Museum, before heading toward Jacksonville, FL. Driving through Tallahassee, we might stop by there as well. It's a five hour drive, so we'll not be there before 6-7. Trying to drive shorter distances, but...

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New Orleans, LA, day 6

Breakfast at the hotel, before checking out. Today we will visit the National WWII Museum, have a lunch and head over to Penascola, FL Started to slow down the pace a bit. New Orleans was really too hot&humid to walk around as much as we wanted. Today...

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New Orleans, LA, day 5

Started out with a breakfast at the local Cracker Barrel restaurant, before heading toward New Orleans, LA. Stopped at a few places, among them the Louisiana Visitor Center, where we got some advice for where to stay and eat. Not so much driving today. It...

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