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Nashville, TN, day 3

The plan is to go downtown Nashville, visit Belle Meade and drive to Memphis. Will be another long day. All in all, we think we are about where we need to be, to get back to Atlanta in time for our flights. Weather is hot, and we are staying outside a lot...

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TN&KY, day 2

Staying on the south side of Nashville. The plan today is to drive to Bowling Green, KY for the National Corvette museum. Possibly on to Loretto, KY. We'll have to see, as it would take a while. Several things we would like see in Nashville as well....

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GA, day 1

Early morning in Atlanta. Woke up several times but at 7am i decided to get up. Have checked the status of my luggage several times during the night. I knew that it was in customs yesterday. This morning it was cleared for delivery. Called them today, and...

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Finally it is time for vacation! This time I am heading for South East in the US. The goal of the trip is to finish my goal of visiting the lower 48.  Starting out in South East and finishing with Nebraska late August. Flying via Amsterdam to Atlanta,...

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Vacation approaching

Starting to get ready for vacation now. Only 8 more workdays and I will be heading to the USA. The goal is to visit the South East and Nebraska to finish the 48 states. The trip will last for 24 days, two weeks in the South East and 1 week in the Midwest. Current...

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