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Day 3

Woke up early today and prepared for a meeting at 7am, just to discover it was cancelled.  Anyway I processed my emails, which was good. Another day at the conference. Three sessions today. Have a goal of leaving the hotel today, as I didn't get out yesterday. I guess...

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Day 2

First day with conference. Started out with an American Breakfast in the food court. Half the price of the Grand Buffet. This hotel is really huge.  Have everything I need to stay in here for weeks.  Have been attending three sessions today. The reservation, waiting...

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Day 1

Slept till 9am. I really needed it! Trying to figure out what to do today. Starting of with breakfast at the buffet. Seems pricy but there are lots of food. Need to find a simpler breakfast place as I don't need a full meal in the morning. Credit card was blocked for...

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Leaving for LAS

Last trip to the US in 2017. This time to the AWS re:invent conference in Las Vegas. It is a long flight with three legs. Leaving at 9:50 today. Won't be there till 20:27 local time. I.E. 04:27 my time. It was a dark rainy morning. Breakfast in the morning. Now...

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Last day

Lazy start today. Walking up to the friendly neighbor diner

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