Leaving early tomorrow. Starting out with a trip to the Magnolia plantation, then heading for Hickory, NC to prepare for a drive in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Magnolia plantations & gardens, Charlotte, SC

Started out on the Magnolia plantation, where we spent about 3 hours.  I was surprised to learn that the slave houses were not vacated before the 1990s.  The mansion was ok, but not as glorious as previous buildings. This was the third building after the two first burnt up.  Garden was ok, but must be way better in april/may.


Where the slaves lived.

After the visit we drove on to Hickory, NC.

Hickory, NC

Hickory is the place we will spend the night, before heading up to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Had dinner at the local Outback steakhouse. Relaxing and planning tomorrow.


Today’s trip

I have now been to 47 of the 48 contiguous states. Just missing Nebraska, which I will deal with later.