Planning to drive to Savannah, GA, right after breakfast. Might stop a few places before that. At least on the visitor center. It is a two hour drive, so it will be nice to see something else than the road, with trees all around.

Annoying ducks outside hotel

Thirsty car… re-fueling daily.

Just like home….

Fort King George

Fort King George State Historic Site is a fort located in the U.S. state of Georgia in McIntosh County, adjacent to Darien. The fort was built in 1721 along what is now known as the Darien River and served as the southernmost outpost of the British Empire in the Americas until 1727. The fort was constructed in what was then considered part of the colony of South Carolina, but was territory later settled as Georgia. It was part of a defensive line intended to encourage settlement along the colony’s southern frontier, from the Savannah River to the Altamaha River. Great Britain, France, and Spain were competing to control the American Southeast, especially the Savannah-Altamaha River region


Smokin Pig

Today’s lunch at Smokin Pig. Had a chicken sandwich….

Savanna, GA

Savannah, was really hot and humid today.  We took a 100 minute guided tour through historic Savannah.  In an open bus…. No AC…. Nice overview. Really not much I want to dig into more tomorrow. Will try do to a little walk before heading north.

Savannah is the oldest city in the U.S. state of Georgia and is the county seat of Chatham County. Established in 1733 on the Savannah River, the city of Savannah became the British colonial capital of the Province of Georgia and later the first state capital of Georgia. A strategic port city in the American Revolution and during the American Civil War, Savannah is today an industrial center and an important Atlantic seaport. It is Georgia’s fifth-largest city and third-largest metropolitan area


Tonights dinner at Tequila’s Town Mexican Restaurant, nice authentic Mexican food.

Today’s drive

Sightseeing in Savannah