Finally it is time for vacation! This time I am heading for South East in the US. The goal of the trip is to finish my goal of visiting the lower 48.  Starting out in South East and finishing with Nebraska late August.

Flying via Amsterdam to Atlanta, Georgia, where the trip starts.

Rainy day

Waiting for the plane

Ready to leave

Starting out with a taxi 7:30 am this morning, driving to the airport. It was a rainy morning. Great to go to a warmer place.

Not many people there, so dropping of baggage was not taking much time. The most time consuming thing was that KLM, which I ordered the trip via, would not allow me to add extra baggage when checking in online. Adding baggage at the airport is more expensive and time consuming that it should be.

Waiting a few hours before heading to Amsterdam. Plane was early of gate, but had to fly in a waiting pattern for a while before we could land. Anyway we were basically on time, so that was ok. 70 minutes to the next flight. A bus took us from the plane to the terminal building. Hopefully it is enough for the ground team to get the baggage onto the next plane.

Walked through passport control, over to the D1 gate to answer the security questions before we were told the real gate. Boarding had already started so we did not have to wait too long before getting onboard the plane. 21A is my location for the next 9 hours or so.

Some congestion in the air tunnels in Europe, so we had to wait 25 minutes before being cleared for take-off. The flight attendants were quick to give us water and snacks when there was a delay. Great!

There is a WiFi network, so I’m chatting on messenger, iMessage and a bit more sluggish with hangouts. Sending images does not work too well. It is free, so I guess I shouldn’t complain. Snapchat does not seem to work. My RSS feed reader is able to read the feeds, but cannot load the articles.

For the first meal, we had salad, chicken risotto, lemon & caramel cheese cake and Edam cheese with crackers. Nice. Coke and water.

Watching the flight tracker and blogging a bit to have something to do. Still 7:09 till we are at the destination. About two hours since we left, and I have had a nap already. I guess it is limited how much sleep I will be able to get. So far the sinuses seems to work much better than before the surgery. Good!

Half way. A bit boaring, but we are getting there eventually. Have been flying south of Iceland and Greenland and are closing in on the Labrador region in Canada now. Got a snack box with some crackers and chocolate. Skipped the Tomato/Oregano spread.

Approximate time of arrival is 4:42 pm, local time, which is on schedule. Great we were able to catch up on the initial delay. Can’t wait to get on the ground. Wasted an hour on Sudoku and got some more sleep.

Two hours left and we are we are cruising above New York State. Soon we will have the pre-arrival meal, Croissant with turkey, Parmesan and cheddar cheese. Ice cream for dessert.

Waiting for the result from the 400 and 1500m results from the European championship. Will the Norwegians win gold? Who of the brothers will win the 1500m.

Ah, lights on. Must mean that the food is around the corner… 😁

Not many plans when we arrive, get the luggage, car and drive over to the hotel. Hopefully there will be a few parcels waiting for me with some photo equipment. 🙂 Bare necessities.

Now, as it happens My suitcase never showed up. Actually it never left Amsterdam. The earliest it can get over here is 1pm tomorrow + customs++. This is not very good for our plans. Hoped to drive up north tomorrow. Need to do some shopping so I can make it till the suitcase arrives.

On the bright side, my parcels from NYC waited for me at the hotel.

Hotel seems great, so far.

Looking at the delta web page, my suitcase should be at the Atlanta airport customs area and not in Amsterdam as they claimed.