Now that 2017 is over, it is time to look back at my travels this year.


I started out in Austin, TX in February for a work. Hence, I did not take many pictures. Flew from: SVG-AMS-HOU and back.  Drove from HOU to Austin. Next time, stay the night at a hotel in Houston, before driving to Austin. It was a long day!  Stayed in the hotel most of the week, working on ISO 27001 controls.




First vacation of the year ended up in Israel. I wanted to go there in the spring to watch the bird migration.

Leaving Norway on a cold 5C day, so it was nice to go to a warmer place.  It was not as warm as expected, though.  Had a few days in Tel Aviv, before heading up to Jerusalem.  Was going there on a Friday. At breakfast I wondered what would be the best way to go. Since Shabat starts early, it could be a challenge. Figured I’d take a taxi or the train.  Now it turned out that Jerusalem Marathon was the very same day, so Jerusalem was basically shut down for traffic.

Finally decided to take one of the last trains leaving at 1pm.  I enjoyed the ride, which took about an hour. Would have been nicer if they had cleaned the train windows.  Not many people travelling.

Walked a few days in Jerusalem, visiting friends and churches. Rented a car and headed up to Tiberias.  Stayed at a hotel at the beach of Lake Kinneret.

Drove up to the Hula valley to look at the bird migration.  Visited two places, which was very nice.  Wanted to take a tractor safari, so I could get closer to the birds, but I had to wait a few hours.  Decided to take a trip to Mount Meron (1,208 metres (3,963 ft) above sea level), instead of waiting.  Going back to take the safari, which was very nice!

Next, I drove to Haifa, where I met Norwegians at Beit Eilahu.  Too bad I had to leave for Tel Aviv, or I could have joined the Shabat meal.

Ending up in Tel Aviv before flying home.


Passover at home where I grew up with my family.

Summer Vacation

Decided to start my vacation in Denmark.  Started out in Aalborg, with a few days. Was nice to meet Kell again.  Walked quite much around downtown.

Tried to drive along a scenic route, but it was not very well described.  Would have been better with two in the car.  Ended up south in Denmark, so I got closer to the castle I was visiting the next day.  Drove over to Glucksburg in Germany to take a look at the royal castle from which the Norwegian, Danish and Greek royal families have there ancestories.  Shopping a bit for the birthday party in a few weeks time.

Drove up to Aarhus and visited Djursland.  I enjoyed the Scandinavian Zoo.

After Denmark, I stayed at my family for a few weeks. Also celebrated 150 Years together with two good friends and lots of family & friends.


In the beginning of October I headed to San Franciso with a collegue.  It was the yearly Oracle OpenWorld conference.  Was nice to get an overview over new things, that is coming, and network with key resources.


The last trip was to Las Vegas and Michigan.  I flew: SVG-AMS-DTW-LAS and back.

It was the yearly AWS Conference.  Stayed at MGM, and walked along the stip to take a look at all the sights.

The conference was a bit messy, as it was far between the hotels.  It would take 45 mins to walk between them, but the shuttle busses did take longer the first days.  Too much time was spent on travelling, so it was better to try staying at one hotel and take as many sessions as possible. Now, the way it was organized made sure you could not participate in too many sessions…  A bit strange..

Ended the trip with a fun surprise visit to Michigan.