Started with breakfast this morning. There was supposed to be one in our hotel. When arriving it turned out there wasn’t. We could take the shuttle bus to another hotel. However, on our back and forth did not tempt very much. Opted for the food court, where I had a cheese omelette. Tasted nothing special.

Checked out some shops before I lined up for a tea chai latte. Returned to the room, packed and watched tv.

Basically three stories:

  • Flynn lied to the FBI
  • Tax reforms probably get a go from senate
  • NBC host fired. And how it is a wider problem in society.

Walked down to check out just before the deadline and took a taxi to the airport.

I guess I spent 40minutes from arriving till I was through security and at the d terminal.

Healthy chocolate frozen yoghurt.

Already ready for Christmas at the airport.

Seems that it is possible to gamble everywhere. So far I won nothing! Probably because I didn’t play.

Another hour and I should be at the gate.