West Coast

Last night I drove to two hours to Grand Rapids, to prepare for today’s surprise visit.  I am a bit excited about it!

Heading out a bit before 8am. The plan is to drive slowly and stop to take photos. Having a quick stop along the road for a quick breakfast.  In contact with the host family on messenger.  So I basically knows what town I am going to, but does not have the final destination. Trying to make a plan for how to hand over the gifts from back home.

10 mins before arriving I finally get the address from the host family.  Stopping a bit while they connect to her mother.  Oops, when driving into the area, the car GPS starts to whine about not having details about the area.  Hmm, opening google maps quickly while driving in the street.  Ok, Can see I am getting closer.  It should be about here… Turning into the next street.  Ah, there is the correct address.  Stopping and ringing the door bell. Hmm, nobody answers.  The neighbour is running over, checking if I am Hans, which I am.  She guides me over to the correct house.

One daughter is ready to film the whole thing, while I ring the door bell. So this is how I looked..

Costume I wore.

Looked down, so she could not see my eyes.  After a while she finally opened the door. I handed over the special delivery from Norway, and looked up.  Now the expression, when realizing she new me, was priceless! 🙂  She was flabbergasted. Seemed like her brain would not accept I was there.  The host family paid an important part in the setup, so she was the only one who didn’t know I was coming.

Was able to take part in a local Christmas festival and a theater play she had a big part in.

Stayed the night at a local hotel.  Headed over to the family in the morning and packed an extra suitcase with Christmas gifts to her family.  Had breakfast with then before I had to leave for the airport.  Sure glad it wasn’t a long trip, because I was starting to get drowsy.  Strange, but when filling gas, I found out they also were selling local water from home there.  Starting to get used to it…


So now I am doing a small detour. From Las Vegas I am flying to Detroit and staying over for two nights, so I can surprise the daughter of my friends. She is staying a year on the west coast.

Hopefully the plan will work out fine and no one is making her suspicious.

Possible outfit for the surprising part.

If everything goes well we should have met by now.

I will watch the Christmas play she is in tonight.

Leaving LAS

Started with breakfast this morning. There was supposed to be one in our hotel. When arriving it turned out there wasn’t. We could take the shuttle bus to another hotel. However, on our back and forth did not tempt very much. Opted for the food court, where I had a cheese omelette. Tasted nothing special.

Checked out some shops before I lined up for a tea chai latte. Returned to the room, packed and watched tv.

Basically three stories:

  • Flynn lied to the FBI
  • Tax reforms probably get a go from senate
  • NBC host fired. And how it is a wider problem in society.

Walked down to check out just before the deadline and took a taxi to the airport.

I guess I spent 40minutes from arriving till I was through security and at the d terminal.

Healthy chocolate frozen yoghurt.

Already ready for Christmas at the airport.

Seems that it is possible to gamble everywhere. So far I won nothing! Probably because I didn’t play.

Another hour and I should be at the gate.

Day 5

Another day at the conference. Some interesting sessions, others not so much.

After sessions I took the shuttle bus to the Venetian and walked around in Minature Venice.  Quite nice.  The sky seen below on the two next pictures is fake…

Walked back to MGM.

A picture from two days ago.

Knee is not too good, so relaxing as much as possible before last day tomorrow.  Heading back in the afternoon.