Last trip to the US in 2017. This time to the AWS re:invent conference in Las Vegas.

It is a long flight with three legs. Leaving at 9:50 today. Won’t be there till 20:27 local time. I.E. 04:27 my time.

It was a dark rainy morning.

Breakfast in the morning.

Now waiting…. which I will be doing a lot today.

On time so far. Flight to Amsterdam was ok. Not much spare time, so I walked straight to Security and gate. Got the right lane at passport control so it didn’t take very long.

In my seat now preparing for takeoff at 1 pm.

40 more minutes till takeoff. Waiting….

nice. Messenger worked quite well during the flight. Not for pictures, though.

Food time.

Landing in Detroit.

Spent 50 minutes for imigration, re-check luggage, Security and get to the new gate. Waiting to board the plane to Las Vegas.

In my seat. Gonna be another packed flight… Hopefully I will get some sleep.

For this flight lots of people volunteered to not take their luggage onboard in change for pre-seating. The same thing had no success in Amsterdam. It seemed that half of the passengers were pre-seating before sky priority. Oh well. I got my seat.

Was lucky. A kid with her mother had their seats beside me, so I had plenty of room. No food on this flight, as I didn’t want to pay, and was quite full already. The flight was ok.

Chicago in the afternoon.

The airport was a bit messy and larger than I thought. After quite some walking and tram, I found my suitcase. Walked out the wrong door, when looking for shuttle bus’es…. They were for the rental car facility. Asked a guy and he directed me in the opposite direction. So follow the sign for taxi, go past them toward “Share ride”… Take the elevator to level 2M and get a Lyft or Uber.

Steve in his 300 took me to MGM. Quite big complex…. I checked in and found my room in 23 floor. Unpacking the luggage and going to bed early. Time at home is now 6am. It is 23 hours since I left home.