Was able to meet some people from my home area this morning. Enjoyed it very much! Did some final walking before going back to the hotel to check out. Have been quite tired here. I probably should have kept the car to be able to see Haifa properly.  Seems I need to do better scouting next time.

Took the train south to Tel Aviv and checked in to the hotel.  Relaxed a bit before walking down to the beach. Very windy, so I am glad I brought a jacket.  Sat down for a while, but figured out it would be too cold to sit there for two hours, waiting for the sunset.

Figured out I should try some Mexican food, and walked a detour so I could get some money out of an ATM. To my surprise the bank was moved or shut down.  Had an chicken enchilada with some extra jalapeños.  Quite good.

Walked back to the beach, but it was too cold to sit down.  Sunset happened while walking back to the hotel.

Relaxing in the room, with some photo editing.  Did not take so many pictures today.