Got 3 hours of sleep before the wakeup call. Wonderful to get some sleep, but would have liked some more.
Nice place we stay at.

Ready to go on after a quick shower and a breakfast. But it’s going to be a hard day.

Only three shekels left on the mobile and won’t be able to refill before Tiberias. šŸ™ Hopefully they have wireless at the hotel.

Started on Mt Gerizim looking down on Shechem where you’ll find Joseph’s tomb.

Visiting Karnei Shomron, Alonei Shiloh and kanyon Shomron. We were invited in to one of the tabernacles. They showed great hospitality, serving us dades and water. Very friendly people!

Back to Ariel, with a visit at the biblical garden and tabernacle they have started to build in full size according to the Exodus. Below the story of Joseph.


Ended with a dinner at the hotel and a group gathering.


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